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Clinical hypnotherapy is a valuable tool that uses a combination of relaxation techniques and suggestion. It can be used as either a standalone practice or integrated within the therapeutic processes of counselling and psychotherapy to AFFECT change.

Combinations of early learnt behaviour, locked emotions, the development of internal values and beliefs all contribute to our core sense of self. At times, elements of these inhibit our freedom and growth. Hypnotherapy can AFFECT change by directly working with elements that inhibit the growth process.
The techniques used in hypnotherapy are completely safe, you are totally aware at all times. In fact, most people are surprised at how wonderfully relaxed and comfortable they feel. Learning to use these relaxation techniques also means you can take them away and use them at any time to help with everyday living, enabling you to feel more balanced.

The purpose of hypnosis is to achieve a state of feeling totally relaxed, a bit like you feel when you’re listening to a good story on the radio or reading a book, then deepening that state. You are not asleep and you are acutely aware and understand everything around you. You have the power to stop the session any time you wish to, so that you never feel out of control.  

The techniques used are evidence-based with an impressive history and track record of success with presenting problems such as phobias, habit disorders and panic attacks. When integrated with counselling and psychotherapy, it AFFECTs and sustains change at a deeper level enabling holistic growth.  

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