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Online Counselling/Psychotherapy

Online counselling and psychotherapy is a convenient and discrete way of receiving therapy, and in recent years its use has grown significantly. As a profession we have developed new and exciting ways to creatively offer therapies to individuals, couples and groups online. This has meant a greater use, availability and breadth of service to individuals who previously were living without access to professional therapeutic services: using online platforms such as Skype and Zoom. This means you can access therapy from almost anywhere in the world. Although using a different medium, online working is as equally effective as working face-to-face. Here, at Affect, we have developed our approach to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring confidentiality and security.


How might online therapy be beneficial?

There are many reasons why online therapy may be suitable to your personal circumstances. Our clients’ feedback has highlighted particular areas of online working that has contributed and enhanced their experience with us:

  • It is been invaluable to people who are disabled or housebound;
  • Allows access to counselling and psychotherapy without the need for travel;
  • Some of our clients have preferred online therapy from their workplace;
  • Others have received online therapy from the privacy of their own homes;
  • You may live in a country where therapy in your preferred language is not available;
  • Online technology allows you to access therapy from anywhere in the world.

We are members of professional regulating bodies in the UK and are experienced in providing personal therapy online.

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